Perkins Grant – Assistance for CTE Students

PERKINS at John A. Logan College

PERKINS is a Federal grant, funded by U.S. taxpayers, and is designed to improve the economy by building a stronger career and technical workforce. The grant was named after Kentucky Representative Carl Dewey Perkins in honor of his many years of dedicated service helping disadvantaged college students.

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Career and Technical Education, or CTE, is also known as Workforce Education and is designed to provide students with the knowledge and workplace skills necessary for certification and immediate employment in a given career or technical field such as nursing, law enforcement, construction, or business management. CTE programs at John A. Logan College use real-life environments and hands-on exercises to appropriately prepare students for work in the 21st Century. Students in these programs are trained to “adapt, innovate, and lead the way” as problem-solvers and productive team-members in their chosen careers. CTE programs are usually two years or less in length and provide graduates with the degrees, certificates, and/or licensure necessary to immediately enter the workforce.

John A. Logan College has been receiving PERKINS funding since 1993 and uses those funds to support our CTE programs through classroom improvements, faculty training, and financial assistance for qualified students. If you are interested in being an efficient, innovative problem-solver who can be counted-on to help a business grow, please consider applying for PERKINS Assistance. Qualified students (see next section) at the College can receive up to $450 in reimbursement for their transportation, textbooks, and/or childcare expenses. In return for this tax-payer investment, all Perkins students are expected to do a few important things each semester:

  • Carefully read and follow instructions
  • Complete a self-awareness survey (pre and post)
  • Complete your Perkins assignments before their deadlines
  • Check your email daily

Qualifying Requirements for PERKINS Assistance

You must be enrolled in a CTE program at John A. Logan College to qualify for Perkins. To find out if you are enrolled in a CTE program at John A. Logan College, please click on one of the department links below, then on “Degrees and Certificates” from the left-hand list to show the available CTE programs.  Clicking on your degree or certificate program will take you to the curriculum guide for your program. There is a box in the top right-hand corner of each curriculum guide - all CTE programs will have a top line that reads “Career Curriculum”.  If your program is not listed under one of these departments, check with your Academic Advisor for more information (go to the Advisement Office in C204, or the Admissions window to make an appointment).

Being enrolled in a CTE program is the first step in qualifying for Perkins Assistance. The two remaining qualifiers are listed below, both a) and b) are required:

  1. You must have current documentation showing you to be in at least one of the following six Special Populations, as defined by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (go to SPECIAL POPULATIONS for details).
    1. Displaced Homemaker – if managing your household has been your primary occupation, and your primary source of income has changed (possibly due to illness, injury, death, divorce), you may be considered a “Displaced Homemaker”
    2. Individual with Limited English Proficiency – if English is your second language, you may be considered an “Individual with Limited English Proficiency”
    3. Individual with a Disability – if you have a disability that interferes with a major life function, you may be considered an “Individual with a Disability”
    4. Individual with an Economic Disadvantage – if you are receiving financial aid, public aid, living at or below the national poverty level or the self-sufficiency level for the State of Illinois, or qualify for WIA (Workforce Investment Area) benefits, you may be considered “Economically Disadvantaged”
    5. Individuals Preparing for Nontraditional Occupations for their Gender – if you are preparing for an occupation where your gender comprises 25% or less of the employees in that occupation, you may be considered an “Individual Preparing for a Nontraditional Occupation”
    6. Single Parents, including Single Pregnant Women – if you are unmarried or legally separated and 1) have minor children for whom you have custody or 2) are pregnant, you may be considered a “Single Parent”
  2. You must have an undergraduate grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher, and a schedule showing full-time enrollment for the application semester (12 or more credit hours from your program’s curriculum guide) for the application semester (the full-time requirement is lifted for students enrolled in an official Part-Time Degree Program, a Certificate Program requiring less-than 12 credit hours, and/or students in the last semester of a CTE program - provided the student is following the prescribed load for that program).

Perkins Assistance is awarded to qualified CTE students who are serious about dedicating the appropriate resources to completing their CTE programs on time. These students set valid goals for entering the workforce and develop objectives for reaching those goals. Perkins Assistance is designed to remove specific obstacles to completion and is limited each semester to the reimbursement of a specific amount of textbook, mileage and/or childcare expense for each qualified student.

Perkins Services is another component of the Perkins Program (Perkins Assistance is the other) and includes an array of career services for CTE students such as goal setting, resume writing, and the development of appropriate interview and workplace skills.  Unlike Perkins Assistance, these services are available to all CTE students.  Click on the following link to find out more about Perkins Services.

The PERKINS Process

American taxpayers provide the funding for PERKINS and students receiving Perkins Assistance are expected to be responsible with these resources. Shown below is a simplified view of the Perkins Assistance Process – read all instructions before starting the application process.

application process

Register for Next Semester’s Courses – You must register for your next semester’s courses before applying for Perkins; you must have at least 12 credit hours from your program’s curriculum guide.

Assemble Your Qualification Packet - Qualifying students must assemble a qualification packet containing their signed contract and copies of their supporting documentation (the contract link is available in STEP 2 of the PERKINS course).  This packet will be used for reference during the online application process and must contain the following:

  • A copy of your signed contract
  • A copy of your Schedule for the semester you are applying for
  • A copy of your curriculum guide
  • A copy of your driver’s license or photo ID
  • A copy of your financial aid award letter, public assistance documentation, or WIA qualification (if claiming Economic Disadvantage)
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate (if claiming Single Parent)
  • A copy of your disability documentation (if claiming Student with a Disability)

Self-Register for Perkins in D2L - The Perkins registration process is online only and is structured as a Desire 2 Learn (D2L) module. D2L runs best in the Firefox web browser and doesn’t work well at all in Internet Explorer (you can download Firefox for free from When you click on the “PERKINS COURSE REGISTRATION” link below, you will be taken to the D2L login site (, where you will login using the same username and password as you use for Volmail, but without the “” extension on your username.  Once in D2L, please click on the “Tools” link in the top navigation bar, then on “Self-Registration” in the dropdown menu… you will see a listing of courses, please select PERKINS - FL2013.  Follow the directions to complete all fields and or items on the application screen, and then click “submit.”  There is no cost or credit associated with Perkins module enrollment, and you must reapply for PERKINS each semester.

Complete Your Online Application – Once you have registered for the online Perkins course, you must fill out an online application for Perkins Assistance.  Click on the PERKINS COURSE REGISTRATION link below and carefully follow the directions.

Complete Your Perkins Assignments – There are several Perkins assignments that must be completed in the first five weeks of the semester; complete the assignments in the order given.    Failure to complete any these assignments by the due date will move you to the end of the qualification list.  Do not wait until the last minute to complete your assignments!  No reimbursements will be made prior to Week 6 of the semester.
You will need the following information on-hand to complete your Perkins Application:

  • Your student number
  • A copy of your curriculum guide – you can get a copy from your advisor or print one from the Department link above (see “Qualifying Requirements for PERKINS Assistance” above)
  • A copy of your class schedule - you can get a copy from your advisor or print one from WEBLINK, under “View My Schedule” (link is on the JALC homepage, under “My JALC” – password is the two-digit month, two-digit day, and two-digit year of your birth)
  • Your CTE Major – copy  and paste from WEBLINK, it is located directly below Year/Term on your class schedule
  • Your Undergraduate GPA - found on WEBLINK, under Academic History


Perkins Assistance is allotted to qualified students on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earliest (and best) time to apply for Perkins Assistance is immediately after you register for your next semester’s classes.  In order to provide fair access to Perkins funding, all qualified students must submit a new application each semester

If you have any questions, please contact the Perkins Coordinator, Gary Spoerre at or call extension 8226. When you have registered for your course and completed your application, follow the directions in STEP 2 of your Perkins course to prepare your Qualification Packet (copies, no originals).

Once an award has been granted, you will be contacted via the email addresses you have listed on your Perkins registration and application. Once you have completed your assignments (during the first five weeks of the semester), please fill out the printable Perkins Mileage Form (PDF), Perkins Textbook Form (PDF), or Perkins Childcare Form (PDF) as necessary and return them to G103 (all form links are housed in the Perkins course).

When you are ready, please click on the following link: PERKINS COURSE REGISTRATION and sign in to D2L (your username and password are the same as your Logan email account, Volmail, but without the “” extension on your username - please go to for the format of your username and password).  Once you are logged in to D2L:  

  • Click on “Tools”, then on “Self-registration”
  • Select “Perkins – FL2013” and view the course information in Step 1
  • Click on “Register” in the lower right-hand corner
  • Enter your registration information in Step 2; all fields are required – click on the “?” for help with each field
  • Click on “Submit” in the lower right-hand corner
  • Review your information in Step 3
  • Click on “Finish” in the lower right-hand corner to complete your registration (this should trigger an email to your Volmail account)
  • Click on “Go to course offering Perkins FL-2013” and then click on “Content”; this will take you into the Perkins Course. Next click on “Course Overview” and review its contents, then read “Welcome to Perkins” before going to STEP 1 to begin the Perkins application process.

All information is confidential, as with the paper application process.  John A. Logan College does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or gender orientation.