Interpreter Preparation Program

The John A. Logan College's Interpreter Preparation Program has undergone rapid change over the last several years. Our program began in 1988 as a one year certificate program. Students started the program in the summer semester and finished at the end of the following summer. Now we offer several programs for students who want to learn American Sign Language, students who want to become interpreters and interpreters who want to develop their skill.

Graduates of our face-to-face Interpreter Preparation Program could work as interpreters in the community, in colleges, Vocational Rehabilitation interpreting for employment training and job coaching, recreational activities and entertainment, and other places that interpreters are needed such as the public school system, they can tutor deaf and hard of hearing children, and provide other support services for deaf and hard of hearing children.

While our curriculum prepares you for entry level employment in interpreting, most states also require interpreters to pass a credentialing exam in order to work in the state. Our program addresses the competencies necessary for those examinations.

There is also a national level credentialing exam, the National Interpreter Certification, that requires a bachelor degree (in any field) before sit for the exam. Our program transfers to several colleges and universities.

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