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On-site Program Consultants

CCR&R has a team of trained program consultants available to provide on-site assistance to staff working to improve or maintain the quality of their program and/or address specific challenges.

Current consultants include:

QRS Specialist

CCR&R's QRS Specialist:

  • Offers technical assistance and consultation on the Quality Rating System (QRS)
  • Answers general questions and helps guide providers through the QRS process
  • Provides guidance in understanding and using assessment tools (Environment Rating Scales, Program Administration Scale, & Business Administration Scale), as well as national accreditations
  • Provides on-site help to licensed programs with program improvement planning
  • Works in cooperation with and refers providers to other consultants, as necessary

In addition, the QRS Specialist can provide center based programs with the following specialized training on site (minimum of six staff persons required).

  • Intro to the Environmental Rating Scales for Center Staff (1.5 - 2 hr training)

Nurse Consultant

CCR&R's child care nurse consultant:

  • Provides consultation to child care providers by phone or in person, regarding health issues pertaining to children in child care settings.
  • Promotes early childhood health, development, and well-being of children attending child care.
  • Offers information and education through trainings and provides guidance for developing health policies and procedures.
  • Links child care providers and families to community resources when requested and deemed beneficial.

Mental Health Consultant

CCR&R is a partner with Caregiver Connections, an early childhood mental health program which offers support from caring professionals with early childhood and mental health expertise. Caregiver Connections helps child care providers by:

  • Strengthening skills to support a child's healthy social emotional development.
  • Offering support in the development of partnerships between providers and parents.
  • Helping with problem-solving and working with parents on difficult issues.
  • Providing timely, helpful training.
  • Referring families to other services when needed.

Caregiver Connections offers a wide range of services and supports at no cost to those caring for and educating children, including:

  • Consultation with caring, experienced professionals—either in person or by phone.
  • New ideas that can help children develop appropriate social and emotional skills.
  • Support and training that equips you to deal confidently with difficult situations when working with staff and/or families.
  • Connections to screening resources that can identify developmental problems early.
  • Referrals to evaluation and family services.

Infant-Toddler Consultant

  • Identify infant/ toddler needs in each CCR&R area
  • Offer training, consultation, technical assistance services (on-site and/or by phone/email) to child care providers based on needs of the community
  • Assist child care providers with developing and implementing quality improvement plans
  • Develop and/or provide specific trainings for infants/toddler specialists
  • Work with community partners, e.g. businesses and schools, to increase awareness of the importance of brain development and the impact that high quality child care has on the developing child
  • Provide infant/toddler resources and guidance to the CCR&R staff
  • Work in cooperation with and refer providers to other consultants, as necessary

Director/ Management Consultant

  • Training for Center Directors
  • Assistance with program improvement plans
  • Guidance on staff management and personnel issues
  • How to create and sustain a vision for your program
  • How to orient staff right from the beginning
  • How to be sure an applicant is the right 'fit' for the job and then interview to find out what you need to know
  • How to supervise staff so that everyone is supported
  • How to engage staff in decision-making
  • How to communicate effectively with staff, families and the community
  • How to use staff meetings to meet your program's goals and build a happy team
  • How to transform you center into a vibrant and engaging learning community
  • Information on
  • Referrals to other sources of support and technical assistance

School-Age Consultant

  • Offers technical assistance and consultation to school age programs on managements, activity planning and staff development
  • Provides guidance in understanding and using SACERS ( School Age Child Care Environment Rating Scale)
  • Provides on-site help to school age programs with program improvement planning
  • Works in cooperation with and refers providers to other consultants, as necessary

To request an onsite consultation or to speak with a member of the consultant team call CCR&R at 1-800-548-5563.

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CCR&R has consultants that will come to YOU to work on program improvement! Call CCR&R at 1-800-548-5563 for more information!