Restricted Entry Health Care Program Admission

Testing for entry into the health care programs is required in addition to the COMPASS or ASSET placement testing for general college admission.

There are 14 health care programs that have restricted entry on the basis of specific test scores, academic grades and residency. No credit is awarded for work experience in these programs, except in the Associate Degree Nursing Hybrid Online, Dental Hygiene and Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography programs. These restrictions are necessary due to limited classroom, laboratory and/or clinical sites.

Each program has different admissions criteria and all prospective students are encouraged to complete as many of the program’s general education courses as possible prior to entry. Although not required, this will increase the probability of success in completing the program.

Each program, except Nursing Assistant, requires a program application, pre-entrance exam application and exam fee that must be returned and paid in the Testing Services Office, Room C205, by the deadline dates listed in each packet. The applications are available to view and print, which are located in the last pages of each informational packet listed below.

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The Restricted-Entry Programs are:

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