Testing Services

The Testing Services Center serves as the central location on campus for the administration of standardized testing programs and services offered at John A. Logan College. Some tests are part of the enrollment process at John A. Logan College required of all new entry-level students and will not keep anyone from attending college. These tests are used for Math/English placement only--there is NO passing or failing! All entry testing for special-needs students is provided in the Testing Services Center.

Many other tests are required for entry into specific academic programs, certification, licensure and/or evaluation of progress in addition to tests related to business and industry.

The Testing Services Center also is responsible for all inquiry responses, informational packets, admissions and advisement for all students who are interested in pursuing degrees or certificates in the ten restricted-admission medical and dental programs. The staff advises all students taking general education courses prior to admission in addition to continuing advisement and scheduling for all students in the Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market (SICCM) programs until their degree is received.

It is the mission of the John A. Logan Testing Services Center to provide high quality testing, test scoring and instructional assessment services that ascribe to nationally recognized professional testing standards and governmental regulations that promote responsible fiscal, legal, ethical and equitable practices within an environment of continuous quality improvement, business innovation and technological advancement. The services provided for student, faculty, staff, campus, community and business partners will be consistently rendered with an attitude of service that demonstrates value in human relationships, personal excellence, human dignity, diversity and commitment to lifelong learning to promote student success and the provision of support for individual lifelong learning needs.